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Geotechnical engineering is important because it helps prevent complications in construction before they happen. With the advanced calculations and testing provided by geotechnical engineering, structures are prevented from significant damage after an earthquake, slope stability shifting, ongoing settlement, or other effects. Geotechnical engineers should be brought on during the early planning stages of any construction project.

At Strat Engineering Ltd we provide the full range of geotechnical services for civil engineering companies in Kenya. We tailor our testing and reporting approach according to your needs to ensure your projects meet the highest quality assurance standards at an affordable cost to you.

 We investigate subsurface conditions to develop solutions and designs. We accomplish this through data collection in the field using precise sampling and measurement techniques:

  • Site investigations
  • Record the properties of soil and rock
  • Soil testing and sampling  by auguring, U100, SPT, and trial/test pit excavation
  • Rock drilling and coring
  • In situ field testing
  • Geotechnical logging
  • Geotechnical reporting
  • Analyze the stability of slopes
  • Determine foundational requirements

Boreholes and Test Pit Investigations

The drilling of boreholes and the excavation of test pits are the most commonly used means of subsurface geotechnical investigation. Both methods provide opportunities to sample, test, and analyze subsurface materials such as soil, rock, and groundwater, and to record a representative log of the subsurface profile.

  • Facilitates a deep understanding of the surface. It helps to determine the composition of your foundation soils, including the material, bedrock, rocks, and soil layers beneath the proposed construction locations.
  • Confirms strength and/or presence of bedrock or other obstructions
  • Groundwater conditions and water flow paths and how they affect the development.

We have the experience and know-how to help your new construction start off on the right foot, so contact us to learn more and bring a geotechnical engineer to your project.